Paperless board meetings: Streamlining Collaboration for Board Members

Paperless board meetings: Streamlining Collaboration for Board Members

In the era of e-business, only those businesses that can most effectively manage their corporate information will succeed. This article will explain the role of the digital board portal in organizing the board of directors’ activity. How to arrange paperless board meetings for better collaboration?

Board meeting portal as the best software alternative for modern boards

Electronic data interchange is a reality that almost everyone faces today. It is carried out through information systems, computer networks, the Internet, e-mail and many other means. The question of the need to automate document management in the board of directors has long passed into practice, and more and more enterprises are implementing systems for automation and optimization of business processes, allowing organizations to evaluate the benefits of a new document management technology from their own experience. However, for those few who consider workflow automation a milestone, it may soon be necessary to rethink the choice and again plunge into the problem of improving document management efficiency. It is due, in particular, to a change in the market situation, the growth of organizations that create crises of the “transitional age” and lead to the need for restructuring, as well as the development of information and communication technologies, on the one hand, providing new opportunities for doing business, on the other hand, forcing people to go into keeping up with the times to keep up with the competition.

The board software allows the board members to save up to 65% of the time for employees. They can spend this time on practical work, not routine work related to printing and processing documents. Electronic documents reduce the cost of printing, delivery and storage of documents by 80%.

Board software features for automated collaboration

So, board software technology makes it possible to manage business processes, build communications, arrange

The key features of the board meeting software comprise:

  • Organizing work with departments and implementing best practices throughout the company.
  • It runs in the cloud and provides common yet powerful engagement tools such as voting Q&A, quizzes and polls, handouts, demo offers, public and private chat, and on-screen invites for attendees.
  • Meeting scheduling automation saves time and frees up board members so everyone can focus on corporate governance, strategy, and other aspects of their mission.
  • The joint use of electronic data management systems and information repositories allows you to systematize and combine information, facilitating analysis and reporting.
  • Optimization of time costs and reduction of financial resources, including the reduction of paper document costs, unproductive time spent by employees, the acceleration of information flows and a change in the corporate culture.
  • The system offers the scheme of delegation of responsibility following the fixed boundaries of authority and areas of responsibility of the participants.

In addition, the board software offers features such as efficient meeting minutes, easy sharing of information, personalized communication channels for groups and committees, and more. With the ability to find the right meeting time that fits each meeting participant’s schedule, you can easily book one-time meetings or recurring events.